Retiree Benefits

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Program Overview

Plan Options

  • Health and Dental Care– coverage for life, including semi-private hospital, dental services, prescription drugs, home nursing care, medical supplies, paramedical services and more. Rates do not increase due to age.

  • RecoverEaseSM Insurance – coverage for life, including cash benefits to assist with many expenses associated with recovering after a serious illness or injury, cataract benefits, medical equipment coverage, accidental death and dismemberment, and more.

  • Life Insurance – coverage for life with policy limits from $5,000 to $20,000, guaranteed acceptance (no medical exam required), Accidental Death Benefit, Living Benefit and more.

  • Annual Travel Insurance – optional plan offered to MROO Health and Dental Care Plan policyholders. Unlimited trips, multiple trip durations, $1 million coverage per person, per trip, and coverage for life. Opportunity to change trip duration annually without medical questions. Rates do not increase due to age.

  • Individual Travel Insurance – choose from a variety of travel insurance plans in Canada or outside of the country. Enrollment in other MROO insurance plans is not required to purchase this coverage.